Summer Slump

Due to various circumstances, my blogging output has been pretty non-existent as of late. I hope these circumstances have drawn to a close, and therefore, I feel safe saying that things should be returning back to normal from this point forward. For right now, I’d just like to mention a few things that have been running through my mind in the last couple months:

1. How is it that the San Diego Comic-Con can seem so unappealing in so many ways (Twilight, mass overhyping, ridiculous costume), yet make me feel like an absolute loser for not being there?

2. I have finally realized, due to an increased desire for certain creature comforts (namely, cable television), just how miserable network TV is in the summer. I am counting down the days until 30 Rock comes back into my life.

3. I have also finally realized how, despite my love for attending Brooklyn Cyclones games, baseball and baseball alone does not make for a riveting sports season.

4. I recently came across a post on Wired‘s Threat Level blog discussing Sonia Sotomayor’s not-so-surprising stance on the side of the RIAA when it comes to copyright infringement. This combined with her ruling on the historic case of the New York Times v. Tasini, makes me worry that the court will not be getting any more in touch with modern modes of distribution in the near future. Time will tell, and–admittedly–this will not be the biggest issue with which she and her fellow judges have to deal in the coming decade.

I have a couple more substantive posts in the works, one of which will deal with the legacy of John Hughes. While I work on that, I would suggest reading A.O. Scott’s personal, somewhat baffling memorial. One could argue that Scott, maybe more so than any other major critic working today, tends to accidentally reveal his psychological workings in his reviews. This look at Hughes, though, is forthright in its personal nature and his thoughts on the implications of Hughes’ work have given me some good fodder for thought. More to come. Really.


One Response to “Summer Slump”

  1. Strange. No mention here of a certain guest post regarding a forgotten hip-hop classic that I know nested inside the middle-school brain of this blog’s renowned founder and has yet to leave. Cause that’s coming.

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